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NEW! Congo Vision Phase 4

SNPC in partnership with PGS has completed an extension of the Congo Vision project to add over 3 900 sq. km (nearly 50% more) of rejuvenated KPSDM data in the deep water setting covering open blocks Marine XIX and Marine XXX, matched and merged to the previous phase 1-3 release.






Legacy input surveys over the near 13 000 sq. km area of Congo Vision have been fully reprocessed using modern depth imaging workflows to generate a seamless 3D seismic volume over offshore Congo. Both shelfal and deep water environments are covered, revealing prospectivity in both pre- and post-salt plays.


With a modern reprocessing flow PGS and SNPC have revitalized the entire basin area with an improved and consistent regional geological perspective, tying wells to a common 3D data set to allow a regional interpretation and identification of plays and prospects. The Congo Vision product utilizes 14 pre-existing surveys, all of which have been reprocessed from field data using the latest broadband processing techniques to deliver PSDM and pre-stack volumes. Increased bandwidth and signal fidelity allow for better velocity models and significantly clearer and more reliable images.


The full reprocessed Congo Vision volume, delivered on a common grid, is available now.  For more information, please contact

                            Congo Vision reprocessing example – post-salt rafts and pre-salt structuration

                             Congo Vision reprocessing example – mobile salt and post-salt prospectivity



Congo Peu Profond – new acquisition

This exciting new opportunity will allow SNPC to provide extensive coverage over the prospective and producing region on the Congo Shelf, to unlock plays and prospects not seen by the existing data. Partnering with PGS, the new data will enhance pre-salt imaging and improve our knowledge of the post-salt opportunities.

congo shelf map.jpg
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